Sea Kayak Rental & Sit On Top Kayak Rental

From AUD $60.00
  • Duration: 1 Days (approx.)
  • Product code: RENTAL

If you are looking for a Whitsunday wilderness experience, and
would prefer not to join a guided trip, then freedom kayak rental is for

Available to experienced kayakers, we have both double and single
kayaks for hire, as well as camping and snorkeling gear. We can assist
you in planning your trip - from suggested routes to information on
areas suitable for snorkelling and bush walking. We have the local
knowledge and expertise to get you out there enjoying the of the natural
beauty of the Whitsunday Islands.

You can choose to start a trip directly from our base at Shute
Harbour or we can help arrange a water taxi for a remote drop off and/or
pick up.

Guides are usually available to accompany groups for all or part of a trip.

This is a popular option for those with limited paddling experience
and those who appreciate local knowledge, yet don't want to be part of a
larger group. Cost of guide is $350. 00 per day.

We offer special rates for extended rentals. Rent a kayak/s for 6
days and get the 7th day free of charge. If you hire for 2 weeks, you
receive 3 days free rental.

Rentals Include

Kayak, paddle, P.F.D. (Life Jacket), spray skirt, spare paddle, dry
bags, waterproof charts/maps and tide tables, flares, V-sheet, first aid
kit, whistle, pump, sponge & vinegar.

It is suggested that you bring a mobile phone (Telstra has the best reception on the islands).

We also provide a comprehensive briefing in equipment usage, correct
paddling techniques (if required), communication/safety procedures and
local weather/tidal conditions.

Salty Dog Sea Kayaking requires that all rental participants are able
to swim, have previous kayaking experience and are proficient in
correct open water rescue procedures. We reserve the right to limit
paddling area or refuse rental clients.


What to bring

Gear you should bring include Personal Items, Medication, Waterproof
Camera, Toiletries, sunscreen(30+), Insect Repellent Water bottle,( we
can supply some 10 litre water bags)  & aMobile Phone (Telstra
currently seems to work best on islands).



Bring shorts/tee shirt, swimming clothes and towel, hat and sunglasses

You may want to bring long sleeved sun shirt  & shoes that you
can get wet (such as thongs, sandals or strap on shoes).Sandshoes  are
suggested if you are planning on bush walking. A long sleeved shirt and
long pants are useful for  the night time - ( plus  a warm top and pants
in winter) A light weight rain jacket is alos uselful - just in case!



Storage space is at a premium in a kayak  so it's best to bring
"condensed" foods such as flat breads, muesli and pasta.  You will need
to pack perishable foods including any meat and dairy products  it on
ice in a cooler bag. They  should last up to 2 days. Don't forget the
all impotant  snacks like  nuts and muesli bars.


Camping Gear

On overnight trips, you will need a lightweight ent, sleeping mat
& sleeping bag, A small tarpaulin  is also useful.,  No fires are
allowed on the Whitsunday slands so you will need to pack cooking  a
camp stove plus crockery & cutlery. Don;t forget matches/lighter
& a torch.

If you wish to hire camping equipment from us please let us know when you make your booking.


Suggested Routes

There are numerous kayaking options & we are happy to assist with
route planning. When looking at possible paddling itineraries , you
need to take into consideration the time you have available, your
kayaking ability/experience and prevailing weather conditions.

A number of Google  maps showing possible routes  for paddles of
varying lengths are located at the bottom of this page. These are sample
routs only and are provided as a guide only. Please discuss these with
us before booking camp sites.


Water Taxi / Barge Service

A water taxi / fast barge service runs from our depot at Shute
Harbour. The water taxi  can take you with your kayak and all your gear
to a variety of campsites in the Whitsundays. It usually leaves once a
day to a schedule based around the time of the high tide. This service
is ideal for paddlers wishing to begin their kayaking experience out on
an island. It is also perfect for paddlers with limited time or limited
experience in open water crossings. Reprovisioning of pre- packed food,
water or supplies is also available. For more details on this service



All parties renting are required to sign a hire agreement agreeing to responsibility of equipment and personal responsibility.

Credit card deposit or $200. cash bond required plus photo I.D.

  • If under 18 years of age, parent/guardian must accompany and sign on their behalf.
  • Any lost or damaged equipment will be charged for at full retail rate.
  • Rentals are not available to solo kayakers (for safety/insurance reasons).
  • All potential paddlers need to attend a safety briefing prior to heading out.
  • Please ensure you have read Salty Dog Sea Kayaking cancellations and refund policy for rentals.

Booking a Campsite:

The cost of a camping permit is approximately $5.50 per person per night with
family rates also available. This rate may change. Permits can be
booked over the internet or phone or in person at one of the National
Park Offices in Queensland.

INTERNET - Go to and follow the prompts.Once payment is made a permit
is issued immediately. Please note that Sandy Bay,and Paddle Bay (on
South Molle), Planton Island, Denman Island and Cockatoo Beach (on North
Molle)are all found under the Molle Group of Islands, otherwise most
other sites found under Whitsunday Islands National Park.

PHONE - Call 131304 which is a national number and operates 7 days
per week and is surprisingly easy. You need to give the location, site,
your name, emergency contact details and payment details, you will then
be issued with a permit number.

NATIONAL PARK OFFICES - Any of the National Park
Offices in Queenslan can issue a permit over the counter. There is a
local office between Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour (corner of Mandalay
and Shute Harbour Road), Phone number is 07 49677355, they operate
Monday to Friday office hours and Saturday morning.

If booking via internet or phone, you will be issued a permit number,
tent tags are obtained from National Park Offices, we also keep a
supply of them at Shute Harbour. These are attached to your tent, so if
you are not at your tent when Rangers are inspecting, they can check
your details on your tag